Dienstag, 1. August 2017

Hey Loves,

it's my last day in Germany and I can't believe that I am going back to London tomorrow. I am honestly so excited to move back. Excited to see all my lovely friends again, move into a new apartment, and simply start a new chapter. 

It feels like the last few days are always the most stressful ones, just because there is so much to do. But luckily there is someone like Mommy, who is always there to help. We've lately been working together on my summer project for University. It was so much fun and I feel extremely grateful for all her help. 😇💫


I always say that but isn't it crazy how time flies. I can't believe summer is soon coming to an ende and University will start again. My second year of my bachelor. Wow, little did I know I'd ever say that. It's somehow feels strange as I never thought I would study, but here I am, and I am loving it so far. I couldn't feel any luckier. 

Such as with this top, I couldn't be luckier. I love love love the colour. I just recently got it from Chicwish. How do you like it? I love the ruffles and the material so much. Still one of my favourite brands to wear, as they never fail to make me happy. That day it was pretty hot, so I was just wearing it with a light skirt. It's a very simple outfit, yet I love it. 💕

It also exists in three different colours, and I first couldn't decide which one to get. I used to wear more brighter colours, such as white and pink before. However, my style has changed so much over the years, and now I am definitely starting to wear more of that again. 

Hopefully I am able to show you more of that style in collaboration with Chicwish. I'd be so happy about that. 

Much Love, 

La Princesca xoxo 

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